On an areal of 7 hectars, our zoo gives a home at 631 animals out of more than 110 different zoo species. Some of them are exotic, others are common wild and home animals from different countries. Right at the entrance, you are welcomed by our lively raccoon squad, during feeding hours you might even see some extra action. You also might be accompamed by your free running peacooks. Foto Workshop 2015_028
Since 2007, we also count two australian “Bennettkangaroos” too our inhabitants, “Erni” and “Berti”.

Our “Savanna” gives home to our Zebras right next to our Nandus, Lamas and of course the bactrian camels, our survival artists from the desert, ready to amaze all our guests.




The porcupines will give you as much pleasure than our livery birds in their newly built cages.

Stachelschwein 1
Taking a walk around our zoo-lake you can watch our ducks, geese an even some turtles play joyfully. Otter
To find out what other inhabitants we have at Kaiserslautern-Zoo, visit us and see for yourself.
We are looking forward to welcome you here.