Events at the zoo 2022









EVENTS at the zoo 2019


Spring at the zoo
april 21th and 22th  Eastern at the zoo – Seasonstart


May 12th Muttertag

All mothers have free entry and a gift coupon for a cup of coffee and cake in the zoo-Restaurant


May 09th und 10th Pfingsten Families in the Zoo



August 10th Night of the animals


August 11th Summer at the Zoo



Autumn at the Zoo

October 06th

zoo-Day with …
Animals invite; animal presentation; events for kids; species conservation; jungle parcour; falconry …


October 31st  – Halloween

Free spooky night walk

Winter at the Zoo

December 6th 15.00 Santa Claus is coming with surprises …

December 26th 14.30 Christmaswalk