Of course your Dogs are very welcome! At the entrance you can get dog poo bags. A

Natürlich sind auch ihre Vierbeiner bei uns herzlich Willkommen. An der Kasse bekommen Sie kostenlose Kotbeutel. Einen Frischwassernapf finden Sie am Eingang der Behindertentoilette.

Tierfutter pet Food

You can bye one pack pet food for 1,00 € at the zoo entry. Our goats and sheeps are happy about a little Snack.

Please do not feed any other animals at the zoo with this pet Food!

Please be carefull – also goats/sheeps can grip greedily!


A day at the Zoo – that means much baggage. In order that you don’t have to carry it by yourself, we offer you free Handcarts for loan.

Please ask at the entry for a handcart. As deposit you must leave your identy Card at the entry.

Handicap Stall

Of course we’ve offer you a handicapped accessible toilette. So you can enjoy a easygoing day at the Zoo.

Winding Space

You find our winding space at the entry.