Party at the zoo





We have special offers for kids birthday parties, School and Kindergarten field tips.
Excitement and fun-experience your day at K-town Zoo for Kids.



Celebrate your birthday, school and kindergarten trips or events of all kind at our zoo.


This contains a guided tour with one of our zookeeper that can take up one and half hour depending on the age of the participants.

For more information go to “guided tours”.


After the tour, the kids have the chance to meet all the animals on their own and put their new knowledge to the test in an age appropriate zoorallye which takes about 20min.


The Kids get a questionnaire to fill out and to point.
To remember this special day they get a certificate with their own name.



Included in the paket is the utilization of our barbeque area, charcoal is provided.
In case of bad weather we provide a room free of charge.

Dial 06301 – 7169-25 for advanced booking, which is necessary.