The Zoo Kaiserslautern announces a special Christmas campaign for the upcoming Winterbeak. Visitors have free entry between 20. December 2018 and 6. January 2019 but are asked to pay a self devermend donation.

The motto “pay what you want” is suppared to animate the visitor show how much a Zoovisit is worth to them. The appreciation of a body such as the Zoo was indeed, as director Matthias Schmitt, monetarily difficult to define. But with this campaign the Zoo would like to find out how much the Zoo is worth for the visitors from Kaiserslautern and surrounding areas.

“We expect valuable tips and suggestions from the personal contact with the visitors”.

Zoo visitors are asked to stop at the register first, to make there donation and to pick up an info card on which they write the donated amount, but an also there opinion and thoughts about the zoo. All of the feedback will be carefully analyzed and incorporated into future plans.

With the Christmas campaign the Zoo is tying to attract visitors rarely find their way to Siegelbach otherwise.

“We have much to offer and it is up to us, to get the word out”, says the Zoodirector Matthias Schmitt.