Since two weeks the lemurs, especially Kattas, are at the Zoo Kaiserslautern. The homeland of these prosimian is Madagascar. Our kattas travelled from Zoo Wels in Austria to Kaiserslautern.

On 31.08.2016 we opened our walk-in lemur compound. From 31.08.2016 up to 04.09.2016 all kids have free entry to the Zoo Kaiserslautern.

Due to acclimatization the lemur compound is opend from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Kattas are diurnal, love sun bathing with outstretched arms. Their food consists of fruits like figs, or opuntia, leaves or some other plants. To a minor degree they eat some animal food. For sleep they coil up. A group of kattas can be up to 25 animals with males and females. The females are the dominant position.

Kattas mark their district with secretion of their anus – and arm glands. By dint of their ring-tail, they do “stink-fights”. They rub their tale under the arms and waggle it to their rival. So they defend the district.