Wild classroom

Wild classroom

The Kaiserslautern Zoo offers for Schools and Kindergartens an extracurricular attraction with the topics animals, plants and ecology. The “Wild Classroom” wants to be adventurous education and wants to enable young people to acass nature and conservation with sensual, emotional and interactive experiences.

We would like to convey dry biological facts in a interesting an exciting visit at the zoo with stories of our residents. Tasting, feeling, smelling, touching – activ learning in nature, underneath open sky that´s not on only an experience – its´s also a lot of fun.

The topics are divided by levels from Kindergarten age to middle School.

Our Programs for the „Little ones are“:

1. Explore the Zoo – Take a close look and learn to observe

2. Animals & their offspring develop and understanding

3. Visit lion and tiger-movement and nutrition

Our programs for elementary school students are:

1. Animals and their environment. How animals adopt to their environment?

2. Animals and their offspring. Develop an understanding for animals and their way of living.

3. How to keep my pet? Aim: keeping a pet is a responsible task.

4. Visit with lion and tiger movement and nutrition

5. Reptiles and amphibians – What is the difference? What distinguishes reptiles and amphibians and what do they have in common.

Our programs for middle schools are:

1. What are mammals? Movement and nutrition

2. Horn and antlers? Different animals with horn and antlers are being introduced.

3. Ships of the desert: Camels

All programs are exchangeable and can be adapted accordingly to age. Appr. 60min.

Would you like to visit our “Wild Classroom”? Then get in touch with our Zoo education Team. They help you with planning and preparation of your date. Advanced booking is necessary.

“Wild classroom” –Team:

Danny Stock
Phone: 06301 – 7169 -22
Email: zooschule(@)zoo-kl.de

Karin Hartmann
Phone: 06301 – 7169 -25
Email: info(@)zoo-kl.de